Horizontal bag feeding machine is a type of premade bag filling packaging machine. This machine has a very wide range of applications. Equipped with a different feeding system, the horizontal bag filling machine can package particles, powders, and liquid products. Besides, this machine can perfectly suit various bag styles like stand-up bags, pillow bags, zip lock bags, three sides sealing flat bags, sides gusset bags, stand-up bags with spout, etc. Taizy Packaging Machinery provides excellent standard and custom premade pouch filling machines for sale. Email us or give us a call for a free premade pouch feeding machine price.

Horizontal bag feeding machine working video

The working video of the horizontal bag feeding machine

Performance features of horizontal bag feeding machine

  • PLC intelligent control systems, support multi-language, parameter setting, and machine control are particularly convenient.
  • The equipment meets the sanitary standards of food processing machinery, and the parts of the equipment in contact with materials are processed with 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene. Besides, it is designed in line with GMP standards.
  • The machine is equipped with an electric eye detection device: First of all, it will detect whether the bag is open or not, if the bag is not open, it will transport the bag directly to the end without any operation, and after that, there is a corresponding detection when feeding and sealing, which ensures the stable proceeding of the packaging process and saves the cost of the bag to avoid waste.
  • The long dragging plate at the seal is also made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful as a whole but also plays a role in buffering the packaged items to a certain extent.
  • Intelligent alarm system, when the plastic bag sealing place is melted by high temperature, sticks to the copper block when the machine will automatically alarm and stop operation timely.
Horizontal bag feeding machine
Horizontal Bag Feeding Machine

Horizontal bag feeding machine parameters

Packing speed20-50bags/min
Measure scope20g-1000g
Air consumption0.7m³/min

Classification of premade pouch feeding packing machine

This premade pouch feeding machine has a multi-function by changing feeding systems. This machine can be divided into a horizontal bag feeding machine for granules, a horizontal bag feeding machine for powders, horizontal bag feeding machine for liquids.

Horizontal bag feeding machine for powder
Horizontal Bag Feeding Machine For Powder
Horizontal bag feeding machine for liquids
Horizontal Bag Feeding Machine For Liquids
Powder packaging bag style
Powder Packaging Bag Style
Liquid packaging bag style
Liquid Packaging Bag Style

Feeding system of horizontal bag feeding packaging machine

The feeding system depends on the specific type of raw materials to be packaged: screw feeding device (can be equipped with a brush and other dust removal devices) is generally used for powder packaging; small particles, then generally choose the turntable feeding; four-head scale and other electronic combination scale feeding device is mostly used to package lumpy particles, such as cookies, etc.; liquid or paste using liquid pumps or paste pumps. The discharging system is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for a variety of materials, high-grade and stable, sturdy, and durable.

The bag feeding system includes taking the bag, holding the bag, and filling and sealing it. By the way, the bag feeding system can be customized according to customer requirements if it encounters chips and other cases that are not easy to fill, adding a lower vibration device and a stabbing device. If it is a zipper bag needs an additional zipper opening device.

The machine needs to be used with an air compressor. This is similar to the vacuum sealer. The width of the bag is less than 20cm, you can add a coding machine, such as a ribbon coder. The sealing device adopts cutting-edge heat sealing technology, with easy temperature control, for different packaging film materials, thickness, and adaptability.

FAQs about Taizy Horizontal pouch feeding machine

1. What are the parameters of the machine?

Because the specific structure and parameters of the machine from Taizy Company are based on the raw materials and bags to be packaged by the customer, the specific size is required to be customized after we communicate with the customer, if you want to understand the specific situation can communicate with us directly.

2. Is this machine fully automatic?

Yes, workers only need to prepare the bags in advance and put them in the designated position, set the fixed parameters on the control panel, and the machine will automatically grab the bags for packaging, and the bags will be driven to the ground along with the dragging board after the packaging is completed, and the whole process does not require manual operation.

3. Is this machine equipped with a coding machine?

The coding machine can be configured according to the needs of customers, our company uses the ribbon coder. It uses a thermal printing ribbon instead of ink printing, takes a special live word loading and unloading for word structure, and can be in any packaging materials on the code. The printing is clear, and not easy to erase; hygienic and clean, with no ink pollution, is an economical and hygienic coding method.

4. What is the price of the horizontal bag feeding machine?

Because our machines are customized according to customer needs, please contact us directly for specific prices.

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