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Introduction of semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

The manual bottle labeling machine has wide application in labeling various cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. Because of its mini shape and high-quality performance, it is very popular among customers. A semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is a piece of ideal equipment for small and medium-sized beverage, food, medicine, and chemical plants. We also have automatic labeling machines such as the automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine and flat labeling machines. You can choose the right labeling machine according to your needs.

The application of semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

The semi-automatic round bottle labeler belongs to a kind of semi-automatic labeling machine. This is a labeling machine suitable for labeling round bottles such as PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal bottles. It is suitable for product labeling in various fields. The manual bottle labeling machine can label metal, oil, medicine, clothing, yogurt, fresh milk, cosmetics, hair care products, juice drinks, carbonated drinks, and other products. It can label the bottle accurately, and the labeling form is self-adhesive. It is usually the additional equipment of a liquid and pastes filling machine.

labeling sample
labeling sample

Workflow and video of semi-automatic labeling machine

The specific workflow is as follows:

  1. Hold the press bottle swing arm against the round bottle to be labeled.

2. The bottle pressing arm automatically touches the touch switch to turn on the current motor belt.

3. The label paper rotates to complete the labeling work.

During use, you can label round bottles of different specifications without changing any accessories. One labeling machine can meet most round bottle labeling needs. And, we will send you the machine installation video after you purchase it.

Structure of manual bottle labeling machine

The manual labeling machine is mainly composed of a motor, a positioning frame, a label tray, an electric eye, a bottle pressing arm, a positioning roller, a label stripping board, and a touch switch.

structure of semi-automatic labeling machine
structure of semi-automatic labeling machine

Features of the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

1. The machine is made of aluminum alloy material. It has the characteristics of weight, lightness, simple operation, and so on.

2. The use of advanced electric eyes can make label detection sensitivity high. It has high labeling accuracy and ingenious design. You only need to put the bottle to finish automatic labeling.

3. The manual bottle labeling machine uses high-quality rubber rollers with good transmission performance and easier operation.

4. The extended and thick aluminum swingarm has a wide range of applications and easier operation.

5. Synchronous brake motor, high-power high-speed motor. The round bottle sticker labeling machine can run stably for a long time.

6. The position adjustment makes the labeling switch of bottles of different specifications is simple. And the mechanical stability is greatly improved.

7. Desktop design and streamlined structure. The manual bottle labeling machine has a compact appearance and powerful functions.

Machine details presentation

1. Fiber positioning is more accurate.

2. The manual labeling machine has an adjustable paper supply tray. It can adapt to all kinds of labels in the specifications and is easy to install.

3. The machine is equipped with take-up rollers. The labeling process is adjustable, safe and convenient. This can improve work efficiency.

3. Support the Kun tube. It is convenient to adjust and has a wide application range. Can be customized.

4. The semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine has all stainless steel shell nuts. This kind of nut does not deform and is durable.

5. The power supply is equipped with an overcurrent protection function. If it exceeds the normal range of use, the fuse will automatically blow to protect the machine.

6. The labeling machine is easy to operate. The thickened swing arm does not deform and is durable.

machine details
machine details

Our factory

We, as a strong packing machine company, have more than 10 years of experience in food machinery packaging equipment. All labeling machines can be tailored to your needs. We can provide you with a complete food filling and sealing line and product packaging line. This manual labeling machine is reasonably priced, stable in quality, and advanced in performance. We will provide you with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions about the manual labeling machine or want to know the quotation of the manual labeling machine, you can contact us.



1.What kind of bottles can the labeling machine pack?

Plastic round bottles, glass bottle, metal bottles and so on.

2. Can the labeling machine label the bottle 1 circle or half circle?

It's okay. You can adjust the width of the package you want according to the requirements of the manual.

3. What is the speed of the labeling machine?

This is a manual labeling machine. Different people have different labeling speeds.

4. What diameter bottle can the labeling machine pack?

The labeling machine can label bottles with a diameter above 3.5cm. If you want to label bottles with a diameter less than 3.5cm, you can choose a horizontal labeling machine.

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