Types of Noodles

There are have dry noodles, wet noodles, fresh noodles, organic vegetable noodles, pasta, instant noodles, and so on. According to its characteristics, the packaging methods are different.

Pillow Packing Machine for Dry Noodles

This pillow packaging machine we have two types, which are actually mainly used to pack irregular items or regular items. It is often used to pack fine dried noodles, dried noodles, vermicelli, pasta, or instant noodles, wet noodles, or other snacks, so it is called a noodle packing machine. This dry noodle packing machine is widely used, mainly in the catering and food industries. The quantitative weighing, counting, and packaging of various items can be realized by simply adjusting the bag former.

The steps of Dry Noodle Packing

First set the weight of a bag of noodles, and weigh the noodles according to the set weight. Then placed them on the operating table of the noodle packaging machine, and the noodles will be automatically packaged, sealed, date printed, and cut under the conveying of the machine. You can also configure the brush according to your needs.

Features of Pasta Packaging Machine

  • The bag length does not need to be manually set, and the machine can detect the bag length and set it automatically during operation. Noodles of any length can be packed, and the machine can determine the cutting position based on induction.
  • The end sealing structure is adjustable, which makes the sealing more perfect and eliminates the phenomenon of bag cutting.
  • The Instant noodle packing machine is all made of 304 stainless steel to ensure food safety.
  • The fresh noodle packing machine adopts plc control, and the main control circuit adopts a smart chip, so the measurement is accurate. It is equipped with a touch screen display, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation, and convenient adjustment.

Sealing Method

The noodle packaging machine has only one type of packaging style: back-sealing.

Multi-Head Weigher Bagging Packing Machine for Organic Spaghetti

There is also a kind of noodles that have just been popular recently, and that is organic noodles, which are rich in nutrients. Dried organic small pasta is easier to store and maybe relatively fragile, which requires our combination weigher packaging machine to pack. The combination packaging machine with a multi-head weigher can be set up according to your production needs. We currently sell four-head weigher combination packaging machines, ten-head weigher combination packaging machines, and fourteen-head weigher combination packaging machines.

The Steps of Packing Organic Noodles

Put the organic pasta to be packaged in the hopper, and the machine will automatically load them. The organic noodles are automatically weighed, filled, and sealed in the combined packaging machine to avoid crushing of the noodles.

Features of This Pasta Packaging Machine

This Organic spaghetti packing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of irregular materials such as puffed snack foods, candies, chocolates, biscuits, preserved fruits, melon seeds, potato chips, French fries, Nigerian kisses, peanuts with shells, etc.

The whole machine of this quantitative combination weigher packing machine is made of stainless steel, which perfectly solves the problem of equipment peeling and aging affecting food packaging.

The machine adopts a combination weigher for quantitative weighing and packaging, which solves the quantitative weighing problem of large vertical packaging machines and greatly saves the time and cost of manual weighing.

The machine adopts a multi-language touch screen controller, which is safe, convenient, and very easy to operate. It is a piece of necessary packaging equipment for many food manufacturers in weighing and quantitative packaging.

Pasta packing
Pasta Packing

The Advantages of Organic Noodles Packing Machine

  1. The entire process of feeding, weighing, filling, sealing, date printing, conveying, and discharging is completed automatically.
  2. High measurement accuracy, almost no error. The packaging efficiency is high, and it is dozens of times the efficiency of manual packaging.
  3. Wide application range and strong material adaptability. Whether food or non-food, washing powder packaging can also be packed by using this machine.
  4. Using pre-made bags, the packaging has no defects, and the packaging is exquisite.
  5. The sealing is firm, smooth and beautiful. The thermocouple is used to control the temperature of horizontal and vertical sealing, and the temperature can be adjusted according to different noodle packaging film materials.
  6. It is suitable for customers with large production volumes and higher requirements for packaging speed, production volume, and production efficiency.
Combination weigher packaging machine
Combination Weigher Packaging Machine

Sealing Method

In Taizy company, so many options are available. Three-side sealing, four-side sealing, ordinary flat bag, flat bag zipper packaging, ordinary stand-up bag packaging, stand-up bag zipper packaging, special-shaped stand-up bag packaging, special-shaped flat bag packaging, printed side bag packaging, hanging hole bag packaging.

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