Overview of the Stretch Film Vacuum Packaging Machine

A Computerized fully automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine is a new generation of vacuum packaging equipment developed on the basis of ordinary vacuum packaging machines. It can process the stretch film into a shape and attach it with a composite film. It is a kind of equipment that is sealed after vacuuming and finally divided into independent products. It is larger than the double chamber vacuum pack machine, generally is the commercial vacuum packing machine.

Vacuum packaging
Vacuum Packaging

The Application of Vacuum Packaging Machine

  1. The machine is equipped with photoelectric tracking. The packaging material can be a color cover film or light film to reduce costs and improve product quality.
  2. It adopts a combined mold, easy to replace, and the mold has an automatic cooling system. One machine with multiple functions.
  3. According to the customer product packaging requirements, it can be equipped with automatic high-speed coding or coding systems.
  4. According to customer product packaging requirements, nitrogen or mixed gas can be filled on the basis of vacuuming.
  5. Equipped with world-class vacuum pumps, with a high vacuum, stable quality, durable, and reliable.
  6. Equipped with a corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental sanitation.
  7. It Adopts advanced cross-cutting and longitudinal-cutting systems, computer control, and adjusting the blade.

The Structure of Stretch Film Packaging Machine

There are three main parts:

  • Transmission system: The machine is driven by Schneider high-precision servo motor, and the film chain is driven by the reducer to achieve precise control. When working, the bottom film is held by the film clamp and the film clamp chain moves step by step.
  • Forming system: The main work is to increase the temperature of the stretchable film through the laminating heating plate to increase the plasticity of the film, and then stretch the film into the same shape as the mold through compressed air and suction.
  • Heat-sealing packaging: After the upper film and the lower film are merged, the air in the film is extracted to form a vacuum state. The upper film is in contact with the upper heat sealing plate, and the film is heated by the heat sealing plate to heat seal the upper and lower films. The layer material is melted and then squeezed by pressure to make the upper and lower films bonded together as a whole to ensure that the product packaging does not leak.

Other structures include lower film unwinding, upper film unwinding, cursor tracking, date printing, horizontal and vertical cutter, running chain, etc. You can choose from our Taizy Company as you need.

Stretch film vacuum packaging machines
Stretch Film Vacuum Packaging Machines

The Maintenance of Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • 1. Check the oil level of the vacuum pump. The oil of the vacuum pump equipment should be changed every 3 months to keep the oil level at about 3/4. For the new vacuum packaging machine and the equipment for packaging the product with liquid products, the time and frequency of oil change shall be determined according to the situation. It is recommended to use special oil for vacuum pumps.
  • 2. Lubricate the shaft rotation chain weekly, grease the main lifting frame (you can use edible oil), grease the bearing joints on the cylinder lifting shaft every three days, and choose oil lubrication according to the situation.
  • 3. The solenoid valves should be cleaned regularly, and the cylinders should be regularly maintained to ensure the integrity of the equipment.
  • 4. Each pressure regulating water filter valve should be drained water regularly. If it is large-scale equipment or when the air pump is working for a long time, a central water removal device should be installed at the outlet of the air pump.
  • 5. The reducer should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every 6 months of operation.
  • 6. Ensure that the cooling waterworks normally and prevent equipment damage caused by water shortage.
  • 7. The packaging machine should avoid using it in humid, dusty, and flammable gas environments.
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