There are many items that can be packaged in the world. According to their types and characteristics, we recommend 10 types of pouch packing machines from Taizy Company. They are all automatic packaging machine series produced by our factory, which can complete filling, weighing, sealing, date printing, filleting, fork angle, and other functions at one time. Nine of them are vertical packaging machines and one horizontal packaging machine.

Type 1:Large lapel packaging machine

Large lapel packaging machines can be equipped with a four-head weigher, ten-head weigher, and twelve-head weigher. This packing machine is mainly used for packaging fragile items such as potato chips, french fries, chinchin, snacks, and large-gram items. For example, 1 kg of water, 1.5 kg of washing powder, 2 kg of flour, 2.5 kg of rice, etc. According to the characteristics of the items, we specialize in the production of chips packing machine, potato chips packing machine, snacks packaging machine.

Chips packaging machine
Chips Packaging Machine

Type 2: Granule packaging machine

This machine is mainly used to pack items with good fluidity in order to reduce errors. For example, starch, mung beans, coffee, wolfberry, oats, etc. all can be packed. According to the characteristics of the items, we specially produce rice packing machine, coffee packaging machine, and salt packaging machine.

Granule packaging machine
Granule Packaging Machine

Type 3: Paste packaging machine

The machine is mainly used for packaging paste items. For example, tomato sauce, tahini, seasoning bag, honey, etc. Since the paste is relatively viscous, there will be mixing equipment in the silo, which has two functions: one is to make the material uniform, and the second is to facilitate the feeding. The best-sellers in our factory are the seasoning packing machine, Tomato sauce packaging machine, and oil packing machine.

Paste packaging machine
Paste Packaging Machine

Type 4: Powder packing machine

We have three types of powder packaging machines, they are flat push powder packaging machine, direct push powder packaging machine, and oblique push powder packaging machine. Different types of powder packaging machines can be selected according to whether the powder has fly ash. For example, milk powder packaging machine, flour packaging machine, washing powder machine.

Powder packaging machine
Powder Packaging Machine

Type 5: Liquid packing machine

This machine is mainly used for packaging water, vinegar, fruit juice, etc. Now we are selling a water pouch packing machine, juice packing machine.

Type 6: Incense stick packaging machine

This is a packaging machine specially developed by our engineer according to the characteristics of incense in various countries. Counting, packaging, and coding can be completed at one time. The number of packages can be adjusted at will. Also, we have a sachet packing machine.

Incense stick packaging machine
Incense Stick Packaging Machine

Type 7: Pillow type packaging machine (type one)

We have two types of pillow packaging machine, one of which is upper paper feed, It is mainly used to pack regular items, such as soap, biscuits, chocolate, bread, industrial parts, etc. Currently, we sell the most pillow type packaging machine biscuit packing machine, candy wrapping machine, sugar packing machine, chocolate packing machine, soap packing machine/soap wrapping machine.

Pillow type packaging machine
Pillow Type Packaging Machine

Type 8: Pillow packaging machine (type two)

Another pillow type packaging machine is the bottom feeder, which is suitable for packaging soft and irregular things, such as towels, noodles, vegetables, and so on.

Because the packaging method of the pillow type packaging machine is particularly like a pillow, it is named pillow packaging machine. In addition, because of its wide range of packaging, it can pack all kinds of food. Therefore it is also called a food packaging machine.

Pillow type packaging machine
Pillow Type Packaging Machine

Type 9: Vacuum packaging machine

Using a vacuum packaging machine can keep the items for a longer time. Vacuum packaging blocks the chemical reaction between oxygen and the items to prevent their deterioration. This machine is mainly used for packaging meat, seafood, vegetables, chicken legs, ham, etc.

Vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine

Type 10: Tea packing machine

A tea packaging machine or tea bag packaging machine can complete the inner bag and outer bag packaging of tea.

Tea packaging machine
Tea Packaging Machine
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