Peanut Packaging Machine in Nigeria

At the end of August, a Nigerian customer bought two sets of fully automatic packaging machines from us(Taizy company) to pack peanuts. This customer is an African and works in an African product store. He mainly produces a variety of snacks. The customer wants to pack 80 grams in a bag with a back sealing. Combining the needs of customers, we recommend a fully automatic packaging machine for customers.

Peanut packing machine in nigeria
Peanut Packing Machine In Nigeria

After receiving the machine, the customer praised our machines very much, and he said very automatically.

Machines for Packing Peanuts

Peanut as a casual snack, we all like to eat. How many packaging methods for peanuts? The answer is three, one is quantitative weighing packaging, one is vacuum packaging, and the last one is fully automatic packaging that is the customer bought.

Granule Type Quantitative Weighing Packing Machine

The granular quantitative weighing packaging machine is a unified model of traditional granular materials. The overall structure is composed of a feeding system, a silo, a weighing system, a control system, a discharging system, and a forming system (finish sealing, date printing, placement, packing, etc.).

The granular quantitative weighing filling machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of peanut products, such as peanut kernels, peanuts with shellers, and peanuts with fish skin. This packing machine of this model has the characteristics of simple structure, less investment, strong site adaptability, and better product simplicity.

Peanut quantitative weighing packing machine
Peanut Quantitative Weighing Packing Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

A vacuum packaging machine is a machine that uses air compression technology to extract the air in the product packaging as much as possible to maintain the low oxygen state in the packaging to achieve long-term storage effects. This type of packaging machine is widely used in packaging cooked and processed foods such as fried peanuts, pickled peanuts, boiled peanuts, and other products that contain a lot of liquid and perishable food.

Peanut vacuum packaging machine
Peanut Vacuum Packaging Machine

Automatic Packaging Machine

The automatic packaging machine used for peanut packing is also called the automatic pellet production line. This machine can automatically complete a series of packaging processes such as weighing, feeding, filling, pouching, bagging, sealing, cutting, date printing, and finished product delivery.

Peanut automatic packaging machine
Peanut Automatic Packaging Machine

What Products Can the Peanut Packing Machine Pack

The peanut packaging machine is equipment for quantitative packaging of peanuts, and other related snacks, such as nuts, popcorn, chips, roasted nuts, granular and irregular materials. There are three types of packing machine for packing peanuts, which are granule quantitative weighing packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, automatic packaging machine. The peanut materials can be subdivided into granular materials (peanut kernel products), irregular large particles (peanut products with shells), and processed peanut foods (oil immersion, cooking, frying, etc.). According to product types, you need to choose packaging machines with different functional characteristics.

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