What is spice powder packing machine?

Spice powder packing machine is applied for packaging various dry spices powder. As an important food flavoring, spices are very popular around the world. Besides, they are widely used for the production of medicine, cosmetics, perfume, etc. For instance, vanilla is commonly used as an essential ingredient in fragrance production(wiki/spice). A spice packaging machine is used to handle these items efficiently and safely. In order to greatly reduce the labors and improve efficiency, this machine can highly reduce your cost and benefit your business. Generally, there are two types of spice packing solutions, one is automatic spice packaging machine, and the other is spice filling machine. They have similarities and differences. Which one to choose should be based on your actual situation.

How many types of spices are there?

A spice is a fruit, bark, seed, plant, or other root substance mainly used for coloring or flavoring food. Generally, spices are dry powder. Which is not only convenient to transport but also has the longest shelf life. Therefore, it can be stored and purchased in large amounts, which makes it cheaper on a per-serving basis. Our common spices are chili powder, ginger powder, turmeric, nutmeg powder, black pepper powder, cinnamon, cloves, cumin powder, etc. India is the biggest producer of spices. It contributes to 75% of spice production around the world(wiki/spice). Meanwhile, spices are especially popular in South Asia area like India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.  

Types of spices pouch packing machine for sale

Actually, there are several types of spices packing machine for sale available. Small spice packing machine for small production demand, spice pouch packing machine 1kg for medium production demand, spice filling machine for large production demand.

# Small spice packing machine

This is a small vertical form filling sealing machine. It can automatically complete the process of weighing, filling, sealing, bag making, cutting, coding, and counting. This auger powder packing machine is suitable for various dry spices powders, and it is commonly handle spices items of 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram, 80 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram. Furthermore, this machine has the advantages of low cost and small size. Actually, the small spice packing machine is very ideal for small business or factory.

Spices packing machine
Spices Packing Machine

# Automatic spice pouch packing machine 1kg

The same like above small vertical powder fill and seal machine, this spice packaging machine is a kind of automatic packing machine as well. But it has a higher efficiency and larger production capability. This automatic spice packaging machine is suitable for medium production demand. And it can package spice powder products of 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg. Besides, this machine has a quite good performance and a long service life.

Automatic spice packing machine 1kg
Automatic Spice Packing Machine 1Kg

# Spice filling machine

This machine is different from the above two types of spices packing machine. It is a kind of auger filling machine. Spice filling machine can not achieve the whole packaging process, and it just has the filling function. In other words, it is a kind of premade bag filling machine. Compared with automatic spice packing machine, this equipment has a quite higher production capability. For example, it is can fill powder products of 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg. It is quite ideal for projects with large production demand.

Spice filling machine
Spice Filling Machine


There are various spice packaging solutions in the global market. For example, as a spice packaging machine manufacturer, we provide small spice packing machine, automatic spice packaging machine 1kg, spice filling machine. If you are looking for a quality spice pouch packing machine, hope this article can help you a lot. If not, contact our expert for professional buying guidance.

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