Jumbo bag filling machine, or ton bag packing machine, is a kind of intelligent heavy weigh and packing equipment for jumbo bags demand. It is a multifunctional packaging solution with functions of electric weighing, automatic filling, sealing, bag removing, and dust cleaning. Besides, Taizy jumbo bag filling machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, and high accuracy.

Moreover, this big bag packing machine has a wide range of applications. It applies to all walks of life like mineral products, chemistry, pellets, building materials, mining, feed, and the food industry. If you are looking for a reliable jumbo bag packing machine, send an inquiry and we will get back to you soon.   

Big bag filling machine working video

Performance features of Taizy Jumbo bag filling machine

  1. Jumbo bag packing machine for sale is designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of customers. The machine uses international standards and advanced technology.
  2. This machine adopts LCD touch screen to set parameters, easy to operate.
  3. A big bag filling machine can equip with a feeding machine and conveyor to realize fully automatic control, which greatly improves efficiency and save cost.
  4. We use durable stainless steel material as the machine body structure to ensure long service life.
  5. The weighing and filling process of this ton bag packing machine has high packing precision at high packing speed.
  6. Multifunctional. It can packaging both particles and powder products, and is widely used in various industries.
Jumbo bag packing machine factory
Jumbo Bag Packing Machine Factory

Jumbo bag filling machine parameters

Weighing range200-1000kg200-1500kg
Accuracy grade±0.2%±0.5%
Packing speedPer bag/2~3minMin 15bags/ hour
Feeding methodGravity feedingAuger feeding
 Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa0.8Mpa
Air consumption1 m3/h1 m3/h
Power   consumption380V/8KW380V/8KW,50hz
Machine size(mm)2000×2000×30002000×2000×3400

Applications of jumbo bag packing machine for sale

As a big bag filling machine, it is suitable for 200kg~1500kg level quantitative packing. This jumbo bag filling machine is ideal for various granules and powders, such as flour, spices, milk powder, detergent powder, mineral powder, fine powder, copper powder, PVC powder, chemical powder, animal food, dog food, cat food, feed, beans, grains, seeds, rice, wood pallet, plastic pallet, fish meal, maize meal, starch, etc.  

Ton bags

This heavy duty bulk bag is designed for the jumbo bag filling machine. It has the features of durable material and good performance. The open-top bulk bag for sale from Taizy uses 100% Virgin Polypropylene (PP), which has an excellent strength character. It is strong and reliable. The jumbo bags adopt food-grade material, can be used for food, beans, grains, nuts, building, recycling, agriculture, minerals, fertilizer, and feed industry.

Ton bags
Ton Bulk Bags

Structures of ton bag packing machine

The main structures of a jumbo bag filling machine consist of an automatic filling system, bag holder, rolling conveyor, intelligent control system, electrical control cabinet, automatic weighing balance, filling head, supporting structure, vibrating table, etc. A simple and reasonable structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.

Big bag filling machine parts
Big Bag Filling Machine Parts

Working process

  1. Bag pre-made & clamped by manual
  2. Automatic filling
  3. Automatic weighing
  4. Automatic finished bag conveyor

Jumbo bag filling machine manufacturer – Taizy Packaging

As a leading packaging solutions provider in China, we aim to develop reliable and competitive packing machines to benefit global small businesses. We have designed and manufactured various jumbo bag filling machine to meet different requirements of customers. Besides, we provide a strong OEM service to actually fit your needs. Furthermore, there is a complete range of packing equipment available from the Taizy factory. Welcome to tell us your requirements, and we will try our best to benefit your business.

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