Type one: Plantain flour packaging machine10g-3000g

The working video of the flour packing machine

The brief introduction of plantain flour packing machine

The large plantain flour packing machine can pack 10g-300g powder. It is widely used for the packaging of food and chemical powders. For example, banana powder, flour, cornflour, and other food packaging. It can also be used for packing chemical powders such as detergent. The machine is fastpacking, easy to operate, and highly efficient. It is very suitable for businesses with large output.

The Display Of The Large Plantain Flour Packaging Machine

Packing form

This kind of plantain flour packaging machine only supports back sealing.

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Single Sealing Method Of Plantain Flour Packing Machine

Type two: Plantain flour packaging machine0g-100g

The application of a plantain flour packing machine

This small plantain flour packing machine is suitable for automatic completion of metering, bag forming, filling, sealing, and conveying for easy-flowing powder. Its largest packing weight is 80g. The machine is highly accurate, reliable, and not easy to wear. The machine is mostly used in the field of food, daily necessities, skincare products, etc.

The Display Of The Small Plantain Flour Packing Machine

The working video of powder packing machine

Packing form

This plantain powder packing machine supports back sealing, three-side sealing, and four-side sealing. It is well known that multilateral sealing can make the airtightness of the bag better and prevent the food from spoiling.

Various Kinds Of Sealing Methods Of Plantain Flour Packaging Machine

The advantages of plantain flour packing machine

  • These machines are equipped with dual English PLC display screens, and the operation interface is lucid.
  • These flour packing machines are also equipped with automatic cursor detection and tracking, and the cutting is accurate.
  • They adopt the inclined push screw-down method so that the weight of the package can be changed by making adjustments to the screw during the packing process. The adjustment process does not need to stop, which greatly improves working efficiency.
  • They can be equipped with a coding machine, ventilation, exhaust, and dust removal devices.

The necessity of choosing a plantain flour packaging machine

Banana flour, because of its low water content and easy to absorb moisture, needs to be vacuumed or nitrogen-filled sealed packaging, and low temperature and low humidity conditions are required for storage or circulation. Manual operation is not only inefficient, but the quality of the product is not guaranteed, so it’s essential to be equipped with an appropriate plantain powder packing machine. Anyway, our Taizy company will meet all your requirements for a flour packaging machine. You can get more information through the powder packing machine or contact us.

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