Tea sachet packing machine

Tea Packing Machine Sold to Sri Lanka

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for health and safety, people not only require tea to be delicious but also clean, safe, and pollution-free. With the continuous improvement of....

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Peanut quantitative weighing packaging machine

Peanut Packaging Machine Sold to Nigeria

This machine can be used not only for peanut packaging, but also for various snack packaging.

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Incense stick packaging machine in indian

Incense Stick Packing Machine in India

Before the formation of several major religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam, mankind had begun to use various aromatic plants. Because incense has an extremely close relationship with....

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Spices packing

Granule Packaging Machine in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. So far, the population has reached 200 million, and its demand for food is huge. Especially condiments, such as MSG, chicken essence,....

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Coffee packaging

Coffee Packaging Machine Sold to Switzerland

At the end of last month, we received inquiries from customers about coffee packaging machines. After contacting the customer, we first sent the video of our factory to the customer to....

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