Before the formation of several major religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam, mankind had begun to use various aromatic plants. Because incense has an extremely close relationship with spiritual life, the religions of the East and the West have paid special attention to it.

Incense stick has a very high status in Buddhism. Buddhist scriptures have abundant records about incense, and all the Buddhas and saints also have discussions on incense. When Buddha Shakyamuni lived, incense was highly respected. Buddhist incense has been flourishing for more than two thousand years. It can be said that where there is a Buddhist temple, there must be incense. This shows that the use of Buddhist incense is still very wide, and the demand for incense packaging machines in various countries is also great. We, Taizy company, often receive inquiries about incense packing machines from India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa, and other countries. In the past few days, one of our long incense stick packaging machines has been sold to India. This reminds us of history: Buddhism originated in India and is one of the religions of ancient India.

In India, there are many factories and brands that produce Indian incense. Most of them adopt hand-made methods. Bangalore in India is the base for incense production. The production of Indian incense is also divided into many grades. The low-end incense is suitable for the local poor in India, high-end incense used by the rich or for export. Generally, the incense and high-end incense supplied for export will be packaged, while the low-end incense can be bought at street vendors in India. The gap between rich and poor in India is relatively large, but the demand for incense is for the whole nation.

Most of the incense produced in India is called India incense or agarbattī, and this shape of long incense can be packaged by using our CX series incense packaging machine. One bag can pack up to 100 pieces, and the length is limited to 600mm. If you have special requirements for this machine, we can also customize it for you.

Pack inscense stick
Pack Inscense Stick

A few days ago, the Indian customer had a very clear demand for the incense stick packaging machine and wanted to visit the factory, but because the current situation does not allow it, we video with the customer at our factory, making him believe that we are a true manufacturer with a lot of stock. Next, we discussed the details of the packaging for the customer.

The width of the packaging film is 300cm

The number of roots per bag is 90.

The packaging speed is 55 bags per minute

The length of the bag is 500mm

The following is the packaging machine shipment scenario ordered by the customer

Incense stick packaging machine ship to india
Incense Stick Packaging Machine Ship To India
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