Box sealing machine or box sealer is a packaging machine that fills a case of product and seals the lid with packing tape. The way most carton sealers work is to remove the case (usually by using power belts on the sides of the case), push down the open flap of the case and seal it with packing tape. These can often be adjusted manually or fully automatically depending on the machine to accommodate different box sizes so as not to limit themselves to only one size product. Most case sealers are semi-automatic or fully automatic, and semi-automatic box sealing machine requires operator assistance and are suitable for fairly low volume operations. As the name suggests, automatic case sealers require no human assistance and are essential for high-throughput operations.

6 reasons why factories need box sealing machines

Box sealing machines help companies reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity by reducing labor costs associated with manual packaging. Case sealers will always produce more efficient results than manual packaging because they seal the same box every time, reducing waste and rejected boxes. There are 8 reasons why factories need box sealers below.

  1. Eliminate labor waste. The carton sealer only applies tape to the top and bottom of the box to eliminate the extra cost of tape when manual workers place 3 or 4 tapes.
  2. Improve Product Security. Automatic case sealers provide better, more consistent carton security for item shipping, avoiding damage from damage.
  3. Increase your output. High-speed case sealer series can increase your case sealing rate up to 1.5 times.
  4. Beautify the appearance of the package. No extra tape strips on the box The outer package looks cleaner and more suitable for live display.
  5. Reduce employee injuries and downtime. The carton sealer stops your employees from duplication and eliminates fatigue, downtime, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. Save on corrugated boxes. R&D in carton sealing technology has developed new solutions that can save your company up to 20% on corrugated box and packaging costs.
Carton sealing machine
Carton Sealing Machine

Semi automatic Box sealing machine parameters  

Tape width45mm45mm
Sealing width80-300mm250-500mm
Sealing height90-400mm180-600mm
Table heightmin550mm/max730mmmin570mm/max730mm
Machine size1060*660*1010mm1000*830*1350mm

8 things you need to consider before buying a box packing machine

Usually, people think twice before buying any packaging machine, which will be the best carton sealing equipment that provides a great packaging solution. When choosing the best packaging machine, customers basically consider the following:

  1. Good in performance
  2. High working efficiency
  3. Within your budget
  4. Easy to repair
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Pace availability
  7. The size need to variable to suit different spaces
  8. Easy to operate and use

You need to do a thorough research to find the best and most efficient machine. Using the internet, people can now do a lot of research more easily. Read reviews and feedback and learn more about machine capabilities and features. Of course, when you’re looking for a machine, you have to choose based on its capabilities. Features are one of the fun parts of a machine, and these can also give it an edge.

Carton sealing machine in stock
Carton Sealing Machine In Stock


The above are some of the important factors in finding an industrial box sealing machine for your business purpose. Needless to say, this is one of the key investments you make in your commercial business, and you need to know that. Buying the highest quality box sealers can give you long-term advantages, while ordinary products can create problems. This will require repair or replacement, which will end up causing a lot of damage. So saving your effort, time and money now, you should be careful when buying and investing in the best box sealer.

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