Filling machines or fillers are applied for packaging. They are mainly for the food & beverage industry, but for many other industries as well like the pharmaceutic industry, medicine industry, chemical industry, etc. These machines fill bottles, pouches, jumbo bags, cans, and other containers of all sizes and shapes for products. They have a quite wide range of applications. For example, nowadays, many things that people daily use are filled in bottles, whether it be Coca-cola, drink water, or oil used in the kitchen every day. Actually, all these products are manufactured with filler equipment through a large-scale process.

When the consumer industry is prospering in a time, companies must improve productivity and save costs to keep competitiveness in the global market. Filling machines are great equipment to help factories to achieve this goal.

The importance of filling equipment

Because the filling equipment is fully automatic or semi automatic operated, it requires only a small number of labors to operate. This helps the company save money because it does not need to employ a lot of people. Since most liquid filling machines are automatic, they can be operated at the touch of a button. By mixing the conveyor belt at a very fast speed in order and symmetry fill bottles, liquid filling equipment has proven to be one of the advantages of the bottling company today. 

How many types of filler machines are there?

According to the actual demands of customers, we commonly classified filling equipment into these four types, powder filling machine, liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, and particle filling machine. And in accordance with filling machine types, there are auger fillers, flow fillers, vibratory weigh fillers, positive displacement pump fillers, tablet fillers, and tube filling machines. Different filling machines have different features and advantages. Besides, which type of filling machine to be used is determined by speed requirements, the type of product to be filled, resource availability, quality, technology feasibility, shelf life expectations, and many other factors.

Liquid bottle filling machine
Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Finding an amazing filling machine for your business

Finding a correct filling machine is a not simple question, it is the task of the company doing the packaging and also the manufacturer of filling machine. Which filling machine is better? This general problem, there is no simple answer Instead, each filling project must according to the specific project of uniqueness and specific features to answer the question. Besides, it is necessary to consider the future of products and packaging. Because an ideal filling machine at present may not ideal in the future. Therefore, check these tips to find an amazing filling machine.

# Current and future packaging technology

Packaging industry is the same as so many industries, such as the phone or tabletop industry. Manufacturers have struggled to find the fastest and the easiest and most reliable, the safest and the most sustainable packaging technology. However, with proper planning, filling machines are less likely to become obsolete. Updated components and upgrades can usually be added to existing machines, while downtime is minimal. Automatic filling programs may be updated from time to time and can replace nozzle pumps and motors to achieve greater efficiency and more reliable filling.

# Specific requirements

To find the ideal bottler for any packager, it is necessary to analyze the specific and unique needs of the project. Is the product being filled a thin, free-flowing product? Or is it a thicker, more viscous product? Another factor to consider is the required speed of the packing line. The speed of the filling machine must match or exceed that of the other packing machines that make up the system. Otherwise, it will not be able to produce the required number of bottled products.

#Changing needs and company growth

Related to technical change is the business customer’s changing needs. In the regional sales of the products of the company may become popular and extended to the national and even global consumer group. Obviously, this growth will be accompanied by an increase in demand, the need for more production many as regional customer base to produce products of the company are likely to use the semi-automatic filling machine. When is expected to grow (in most cases), can make the semi-automatic machine, so that adding the indexing system power conveyor and/or changing the PLC to the automatic machine is quite simple In other cases, can upgrade by adding additional nozzle automatic machinery, the four or six to eight head filling machine upgrade 10 head even 16 head filling machine.  


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