PET stretch forming is a process for producing hollow objects using thermoplastic materials. The two machines used are plastic injection molding equipment and PET blow molding machine. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of blow molding machines, choosing the right machine can be a difficult task. 

There are various types of machines used to manufacture PET bottles. The in-line PET blow molding machine adopts high-quality pneumatic and mechanical system components and is suitable for the production of PE, PP, and PC container products. PET blow molding machine is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, cosmetic chemicals, gifts, toys, and other industries. PET blow molding machine is used for the bottling process of mineral water, soft drinks, edible oil, agricultural chemicals, etc.

What is PET and why are PET bottles so popular?

PET is a form of polyester that is often extruded or molded in plastic bottles and other containers. It is a high-value packaging material because it is strong and lightweight. It has become a common manufacturing material because it is hygienic, does not react with food or beverages, does not biodegrade, and is resistant to attack by microorganisms. Therefore, more and more companies are starting to use this material for bottling. To manufacture the bottles, a PET blow molding machine is used. There are three factors to consider when choosing this type of machine.

Plastic bottles
Plastic Bottles

What is blow moulding?

Blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow objects from thermoplastics. The two machines used are plastic injection molding equipment and PET blow molding machines. If you are new to the concept of blow molding, choosing the right machine can be a daunting task.

Beauty shop owners, drug makers, and some other business owners need blow molding machines every day to make plastic and water bottles. Given the vast selection of plastic injection molding equipment and PET blow molding machines on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right equipment from the right manufacturer.

Three tips to help you get a correct pet blow moulding machine

The first factor is productivity. This applies equally to the creation of large and small batch bottles. There are some basic characteristics that affect productivity and efficiency. To maximize productivity, it is important that the PET blow molding machine is versatile enough to be size-matched in the shortest possible time.

The second factor to consider when purchasing a PET blow molding machine is versatility. Conventional machines are designed to produce ordinary or heat-resistant bottles only. Bottle size may also be limited. The best machines are designed to make regular and heat-resistant bottles. This saves time and allows producers to create different types of bottles for different products. In addition to being able to manufacture different types of bottles, it is also important to be able to produce bottles of various sizes. The ideal machine is capable of producing bottles as large as 2 liters.

The final factor to consider is efficiency. For maximum efficiency, it is critical that tool change times be as short as possible. Also, it is beneficial to create large batches without changing molds. The final characteristic that affects efficiency is energy consumption. The best blow molding machines use less energy to make more bottles, increasing production ROI.  

Pet bottle blowing machine
Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

PET plastic bottles and environmental protection

All PET plastic bottles can be recycled. Nearly 60% of the world’s PET plastic models are now collected for recycling. The recent emphasis on recycling has driven the need for manufacturers worldwide to use PET bottles instead of traditional plastic bottles. Through recent innovations, the manufacturing industry has redesigned PET bottles to be more than 30% lighter than they were 15 years ago, and the bottles themselves contain more and more recycled plastic. This makes the use of PET blow molding machines more popular and important than ever. As the demand for PET production continues to grow, more and more companies are purchasing new PET blow molding machines. To ensure the right machine is purchased, it is important to consider the level of productivity, production versatility, and overall efficiency it offers.   


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