Pillow packing machine or horizontal packing machine is a kind of automatic pouch packing machine. It has a quite wide range of applications and it is suitable for various food and non-food products, such as chocolate, bread, biscuit, face mask, fruits, vegetables, etc. Besides, with a high automation level, super efficiency, and good performance, a pillow packaging machine can highly improve your productivity and benefit your business.

What is the pillow pouch packaging machine used for?

Due to the unique design and reasonable structure, pillow pouch packing machine is widely applied for packing both regular and irregular products.

  1. Candy, chocolate, biscuit, and bread. At present, most candy manufacturers are using pillow packaging. And candy packaging form is mainly kink packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging.
  2. Disposable toothpaste, toothbrush, chopsticks, etc. The basic structure of this kind of product are similar to candy products, the difference is packaging material. Some of the food packagings with PE film, some of the composite film, while daily necessities, the packaging material requirements are not so important.
  3. Industrial supplies, such as semi-finished toys, and even some hardware products are also used pillow packaging machine. In fact, a food pillow packaging machine is ideal for packing lots of products, including various regular and irregular items. Therefore, in the packaging industry, pillow packaging machine is known as one of the most widely used packaging equipment in the packaging industry.  
  4. Medical supplies like a face mask, medical gowns, etc. The unique design and fantastic structure make these products not change shapes during the packaging process.
Pillow type packaging machine
Pillow Type Packaging Machine

Pillow type packing machine working process

According to the packaging products, pre-set the size of the packaging film, and through the feed roller to send the packaging film, in order to form a cylindrical bag in the bag-making machine. Then fold the two ends of the film, and in the central sealing part of the pillow packaging machine to apply heat and pressure to both ends of the film, and thermal bonding (heat sealing). The packed items are inserted into the tubular film at regular intervals through a feeding belt arranged at the front end of the bag-making machine (feeding part). Pillow packing machine by pressing up and down the conveyor belt, the tubular film of the packaged goods continues to advance at a certain interval, the packaged goods and the middle film of the packaged goods are heated by the terminal sealing device, in the pressure heat sealing at the same time is cut by the cutting machine, so as to complete the whole packaging process.

Pillow packing machine market trends

In the current global economic situation, enterprises face the reality of difficult recruitment and must seek enterprise transformation, in order to improve intelligent automation and reduce labor and production costs. Companies will choose a high degree of intelligent pillow packaging machine from the current situation, the global packaging machinery demand at the annual rate of 5.3% growth. The United States has the largest packaging equipment manufacturer, followed by Japan, other major manufacturers also include Germany, Italy, and China, but the fastest growth of packaging equipment production in the future is in developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from stimulating domestic demand and seeking suitable local manufacturers in developing countries, particularly by investing in food processing plants and providing packaging machinery.

Pillow packing machine manufacturer China

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