Before repairing the filling machine, you have to know its working principle. After you know how the filling machine works, it will be clear how to repair it.

The Working Principle of Filling Machine

The filling machine uses mechanical pressure or air pressure to squeeze the material to be filled into the bottle. This method is mainly used for filling thick materials with high viscosity, such as filling tomato sauce, minced meat, toothpaste, balsam, etc. For general edible liquids such as bottled milk, bottled alcohol, carbonated beverages, etc., isobaric filling method, vacuum filling method, etc. can be used. But considering the cost, the isobaric filling method can effectively reduce carbon dioxide loss and maintenance. The quality of the gas-containing beverage can prevent excessive foaming during filling and ensure accurate filling measurement.

Filling equipment generally widely used in food enterprises. Long-term operation of the machine will cause the filling machine to malfunction. If you do not repair it, it can only wait for maintenance personnel to come to service, which is a waste of time and production. If the company has mastered some necessary small skills, it will solve easily. Taizy technicians have summarized the following common faults and tips, and hope to help you.


Common Faults and Daily Maintenance of Liquid Filling Equipment

Faults and Maintenance 1:

♦1: When the liquid filling machine is filling large-volume products but the material in the trough is insufficient, the liquid level will be unstable and the filling will be inaccurate.

Troubleshooting and maintenance methods:

increase the replenishment materials or close the ball valve again. Reset the filling time of the liquid filling equipment (lengthen the filling time), and slow down the filling speed to solve the problem.

Faults and Maintenance 2:

♦2: After the liquid filling machine adjusts the digital dial code or unit, the time does not change.

Troubleshooting and maintenance methods: turn off the power and reconnect the power.

Faults and Maintenance 3:

♦3: If the large-dose liquid filling machine encounters sufficient feed in the trough, the liquid level is also stable, and the filling volume is still inaccurate.

Troubleshooting and maintenance methods: It may be that the large-dose liquid filling machine has debris blocking the filling tube. Check the entrance of the trough or in the filling mouth, and clean up the debris.

Faults and Maintenance 4:

♦4: After the liquid filling equipment closed to stop the filling, there is still a problem of dripping

a. The orifice of the filling nozzle may damage. The filling nozzle can be removed to trim the orifice. The diameter of the orifice cannot be greater than 7.5 mm. After repairing the aperture, gently smooth the surface of the orifice on the water scrub paper.

b. The ball valve in the filling head damaged and needs to be replaced.


Faults and Maintenance 5:

♦5: No filling after touching the switch, and the digital indicator LED of the time relay does not flash.

Troubleshooting and maintenance methods: It may be that the switch damaged or the time relay base is loose. Replace the filling switch of the same model or press the time relay base tightly.

Faults and Maintenance 6:

♦6: No filling after touching the filling switch, but the digital LED indicator of the time relay flashes.

Troubleshooting and maintenance methods:

Check whether there is air pressure or whether the air pressure is too low. If it does not meet the air pressure requirements, adjust it in time, and then start to observe.

If the air pressure meets the requirements, it may be that the solenoid valve coil damaged or the pneumatic valve core is stuck by stolen goods. Turn off the power, open the panel, turn or press the button next to the solenoid valve coil. If the valve can change direction, it means the solenoid valve coil damaged. If the direction cannot be reversed, the valve core is stuck. You can replace the solenoid valve coil or disassemble the valve for repair. If any doubts, you can contact our taizy company for inquiry!

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