Mini sachet pouch packing machine has involved in every aspect of our lives. Do you believe this? If not, please check the shelf in the supermarket. There is a large quantity of sachet pouch packaged snacks and daily necessities displayed for consumers. With quality sachet packaging, snacks are more attractive for customers due to their beautiful packing appearance and awesome design. Besides, snacks packaged taste better. In modern society, we have to admit that products with fantastic packaging designs have a great attraction to consumers. And all these amazing packaging effects are finished by mini sachet pouch packing machine. Through this article, we will introduce the features and advantages of a small sachet packing machine, types of mini pouch packing machine for sale in the global market, and how to choose the correct one to benefit your project.

What is a sachet packing?

Sachet packing is widely used in all walks of life, such as food & beverage, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. This packaging method has the advantages of being portable and economic. Sachet is small filled, sealed, elegant bags. Usually, the packaging material of sachets can be plastic, paper, aluminum foil, etc. And products can be various like liquid, powder, snacks, seeds, grains, etc.  

What is a sachet packing machine?

Sachet packing machine is a type of small vertical form fill and seal machine. It has a small size and low cost. And a fully automatic mini sachet pouch packing machine can complete the process of weighing, filling, cutting, sealing, date printing, and counting. It is widely used for salt, sugar, coffee, cereals, sauce, butter, shampoo, juice, oil, tomato ketchup, jam, grains, seeds, snacks, etc. Mini pouch packing machine for different products has different features and benefits. Read on for more useful information.

Types of mini sachet pouch packing machine for sale

Mini sachet pouch packing machine also named small sachet filling and sealing machine. For different products, we design and manufacture different mini sachet packing equipment. For instance, in terms of powder products, there is powder sachet packing machine. For liquid products, we manufacture liquid sachet packing machine. And for particle products, there is granule sachet packing machine.

Powder sachet packing machine

Powder sachet packing machine or sachet auger filler. It is designed for small projects. And it is suitable for packing coffee powder, curry powder, chili powder, detergent powder, flour, spices powder, masala powder, etc.

Powder pouch packing machine
Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Liquid sachet packing machine

Liquid sachet packing machine has a simple structure and good design. It is easy to operate and maintain. A liquid sachet filling sealing machine is ideal for mineral water, pure water, oil, juice, and many other beverages.

Automatic liquid packing machine
Automatic Liquid Packing Machine

Granule sachet packing machine

Granule sachet packing machine has a good performance and low cost. It is ideal for small business. And it is suitable for packing snacks, sugar, rice, salt, grain, seed, peanut, teas, chips, candy, etc.


How does a sachet packing machine work?

A sachet packing machine mainly consists of two systems, filling system, and sealing system. So it is also called a sachet filling and sealing machine. Firstly, roll film becomes bags through a bag former, and then products in the containers into the bag with the required weight. And then through a cutter and a filling machine, the product is sealed and dispatched. Finally, finished sachets are delivered to the supermarket.


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