Vacuum packaging is a technical method that removes air from a pack prior to sealing. A vacuum packaging machine is that equipment can achieve the technique. Nowadays, it is a great method of food preservation. A vacuum packing machine can greatly extend the shelf life of food, and also can reduce the volume of the contents.

What is vacuum packaging machine?

Vacuum packing machine is quite widely used in the food industry. Its main purpose is to reduce atmospheric oxygen, limit the growth of fungi or aerobic bacteria, and prevent the evaporation of volatile ingredients. It usually applies to storing dry food over a very long period of time (wiki/vacuum_packing). therefore, vacuum sealers are highly important in the manufacturing and transportation of various food products.

How many types of vacuum sealers are there?

With the development of technology, there are all kinds of vacuum packaging machines on the global market, such home use vacuum sealers, and industrial vacuum sealers. As a professional industrial vacuum packing machine manufacturer, we provide various types of commercial vacuum sealers like single chamber vacuum packing machine, double chamber vacuum packing machine, tabletop vacuum packing machine. These vacuum packing equipment has a small size and competitive price. It is both ideal for home use and industrial use. If you want to know more useful details about these three vacuum sealers, have a peek at this: 

Single chamber vacuum packing machine
Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

What plastic is used for vacuum packaging?

The vacuum packaging material is mainly classified into Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyester (PET), Polyvinylidenchloride (PVDC), and Polyamide (PA). among them, PET has a strong demand from the beverage and food industry in terms of vacuum packaging. Besides, is based on application, the vacuum packaging material market is divided into pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, consumer use, and commercial use. A complete report about the vacuum packaging material market can visit here: 

What products can be packaged in vacuum?

Vacuum packaging is popular around the world due to the function of very long duration storage of dry foods. Vacuum packing machine is suitable for all kinds of foods, such as meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cereals, rice, nuts, beans, grains, fish, cheese, liquids, coffee, potato chips, etc. Through vacuum packing, these foods can have a long storage time. Besides, it is easy to transport.   

It it worth investing vacuum packaging machine?

Nowadays, vacuum packaging machine is highly popular. And it has great demand all over the world. Taizy Packaging Machinery is a professional vacuum packing machine manufacturer. All our machines enjoy factory price and good performance. With the growing demand for vacuum packaging, it is time for you to invest in vacuum packing equipment. We believe you will benefit a lot, and we will be your reliable partner.

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