Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as white blood. Almost all of us have drunk milk, and even many of us have developed the habit of drinking milk.
When many people go to the supermarket to buy milk, they always don’t know whether to buy milk in a bag or a box. What is the difference between the two types of milk? Why is the liquid pouch packing machine the best choice when packaging milk? This article will explain to you in detail.

What is the difference between the preservation of milk inboxes and milk in bags?

Boxed milk on the market is sterilized at ultra-high temperature (usually between 135-140°C, lasting 4-15 seconds). The shelf life is longer under normal temperature, which can last for more than six months. It is precise because of this kind of ultra-high temperature sterilization that the nutrition of the milk itself has been lost.
The bagged milk is pasteurized at 60 degrees to maintain the basic nutrition of the milk to the greatest extent. It is also commonly known as fresh milk. The shelf life is generally very short, usually ranging from 48 hours to 10 days and 30 to 45 days.
Therefore, bagged milk is fresher and has higher nutritional value. Bagged milk produced by a milk bag packing machine will taste better. If it can be consumed in a short time, we’d better choose milk in bags.

Is a milk pouch more environmentally friendly?

Milk bags are more environmentally friendly. Bagged milk advocates note that pouches use 75 percent less plastic than the average plastic milk jug. The weight of bags is lighter, requiring less energy to ship. For other drinks like beer in cans, bottles, or paper boxes, plastic bags are more affordable. The milk packing in form of a pouch is flexible and saves space in preservation. What’s more, the bagged milk takes up less space in the garbage, when the packaging isn’t recycled.
If the milk packing bags are left unsealed or exposed to air in the refrigerator, the milk will start to taste funny or spoil more quickly. However, the packaging size produced by small liquid pouch packing machines conforms to people’s requirements. Families can drink the milk more quickly. Therefore, less milk is wasted because the three liters of milk are broken up into smaller, closed packages.

milk pouch packaging
milk pouch packaging

Why should we choose a liquid pouch packaging machine for milk?

For producers, it is easier to change the weight when sealing bags than cardboard boxes and reduce packaging costs. For consumers, the bagged milk is fresher and reduces the storage space and location in the refrigerator.
Therefore, you can use a milk bag packing machine to pack milk. This machine can improve packaging efficiency for you. Milk pouch packing machines can replace labor and reduce labor costs. It is a small machine and does not occupy a large space. Its packaging effect is good, and the performance of the machine is stable.
The milk packing machine price is not expensive. As a strong and rich experienced company, this machine can be customized according to your requirements. This machine suits milk packaging perfectly.

Market advantages of milk bag packing machine

1.The milk packing machine adopts stainless steel design. This design is beautiful and more convenient to clean. It conforms to international food hygiene standards and can be used with confidence.
2.The bag size, packaging weight, sealing, and cutting temperature adjustment are convenient and reliable.
3.The film is sterilized by ultraviolet light before packaging, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.
4.The liquid packaging machine adopts Ribbon printing for the production date. Its packing style is back sealing, side sealing. It also has photoelectric tracking and counting function.
5.The milk bag packing machine can realize quantitative filling through a high-position balance tank or self-priming pump. It has high accuracy. Its packaging error is less than 1.5%.

Machine workflow: film delivery-ultraviolet sterilization-bag making-filling and filling-bag cutting-finished product

working process of liquid packing machine
working process of liquid packing machine

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