Chips packing machine is important in chip manufacturing and packaging industry. Compared with manual packing, automatic chips packaging machine has high efficiency. It can greatly improve the productivity of your factory. Besides, it is safe, hygienic, and cost-saving. In short, it will be a great loss for modern chips manufacturing factory that does not own automatic chips packing machine. Chips are always a popular snack in the world. Therefore, there is always a great demand for chips packing machine. We will discuss types of chips packaging machine and what we should pay attention to when buying one in detail in this article.

Why are chips so popular?

Chips are a kind of thin-sliced food. It is one type of snacks. As we know, once we begin to munch away on the crispy snack, it is hard for us to stop. There is a reason we can not just have one potato chip. One study shows that the louder we heard the crunch, the more we perceived it as fresher and crispier. As a result, more addictive. Actually, marketing and the auditory perception of crunchy crisps add to the fun, which makes people more likely to eat more.

How many types of chips are there?

Chips developed over a long period of time. And there are many different types of chips around the world, such as potato chips, tapioca chips, bean chips, corn chips, pita chips, tortilla chips, banana chips, plantain chips, carrot chips, kale chips, etc.  

What machine is used for chips pouch packaging?

Automatic chips pouch packing machine is an efficient chips packaging solution. In Taizy Packaging Machinery, there are various quality chips packing machine for sale. They have different features and advantages.

Vertical form fill seal machine for chips(VFFS machine for chips)

This machine is a small chips packing machine, also called chain bucket packing machine for chips. It is designed for small production demand. And it can automatically complete the process of chips sealing, bag making, and coding. the small chips packing machine has the advantage of good performance and affordable price. However, it is manufactured for small projects with small productivity. And it is not fully automatic. It needs human weighing.

Chain bucket packing machine
Chain Bucket Packing Machine

Multihead weigher packing machine for chips

Multihead weigher packing machine is a super-efficient chips packaging solution. Equipped with different multihead weighers, packing machines, it can achieve different production demand and bag types. It is designed for large production demand. With a multihead weigher packing machine, it can greatly improve your efficiency and benefit your business. Besides, it has stable performance and long service life.

Multihead weigher packing machine for chips
Multihead Weigher Packing Machine For Chips

Things you should pay attention to when buying a chips packing machine

There are several things you need to pay attention to when you plan to buy chips packing machine. First of all, production demand. Different production demand require different chips packing equipment. For example, a small vertical form fill seal machine is designed for small production demand, and a multihead weigher packing machine is designed for large production demand. Secondly, budget. The budget you can invest in a machine determine what kind of chips packing machine you buy. Thirdly, manufacturer. You should look for a reliable and strong packing machine manufacturer to benefit your project and avoid avoidable loss. If you still have trouble finding the correct chips packing machine, get in touch with us for more professional buying tips.

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